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About the Director

The organization was founded by Eric Kimble in 2014.  Eric grew up on the south side of Chicago and saw first hand how many youth and seniors had little support or guidance. 


The vision of the organization is to give back to our Seniors who have paved the way so that the youth may have a brighter future.

In 2018, Eric was selected for the prestigious Every Day Hero Award for his work coaching and mentoring youth in Will County.  He was featured in the Daily Herald. 


​   Interesting Facts:

  • Did you know that young men who grown up without a father are twice as likely to end up in jail?

  • 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes.

  • Did you know that the elderly is one the fastest growing group of people?

  • In 2030, adults ages 65 and older will comprise 20% of the nations's population.​



The FEEG camp is coming up on June 9th, June 12th.


On June 9th are 13 to 18+ basketball camp is coming up, every Friday till august 11th.

On June 12th our 654 kids basketball camp is coming, on Mondays till august 7th

For more information on how you can help or needing more information please contact us at (630) 926-9412.

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